Welcome to Hazelgreen Baptist!
A letter from our Pastor...

Dear friend,

I would like to extend to you a warm and friendly invitation to Hazelgreen Baptist Church, where our preaching, teaching, and worship are centered on the Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy word.

Hazelgreen Baptist Church is a place of:

  • Learning. Hearing God’s Word and it’s relevance to our lives.
  • Growing.  There are opportunities and ministries for every person and age level.
  • Service. We minister to those in the church and those in our community.
  • Friendship. We are a family of friends and a friend to families.

If you are looking for a church home, please consider Hazelgreen Baptist Church. We look forward to meeting you!

In Jesus name,

John R. Reed


Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to common questions.

As you enter Hazelgreen Baptist Church, expect to be warmly greeted by one of our ushers who are located in the vestibule of the sanctuary. You'll notice that people from all walks of life attend Hazelgreen. Families, senior citizens, children, and singles make up the Hazelgreen Family and attend on any given Sunday.

Kids of all ages are welcome.  We have a nursery available for children under 2 years old.  Sunday school starts at 10am (before the worship service), and we have classes for all ages.  For more information click here.

Some people choose to dress up, and others dress more casually.  You are welcome to come as you are.

Many people bring Bibles but there are also pew Bibles available for you to use.  We use the King James Version during our worship service.